A Dorset train route is seeing delays due to issues on the track.

A track circuit failure is causing trains from Sherborne to Salisbury on the Exeter to London Waterloo line to have to run at delayed speeds.

Disruption to the South Western Railway route is expected to continue until 12pm today (Thursday, November 9).

A spokesperson for South Western Railway said: “We have been informed that there is a track circuit failure at Sherborne. This means that trains have to run at reduced speed through the area.

Due to the track circuit failure trains are being verbally directed through affected signals which can add an additional 10 minutes per signal to the journey time.

When there is a failure, trains will stop before the affected signal and will have to be verbally directed through the affected area by the signaller.

A spokesperson for South Western Railway said: “For further information or onward travel advice please speak to a member of staff or use a station help point.

“We are very sorry for any delay that this may cause to your journey.

 “An axle counter is part of the signalling system. There are at least two axle counters per signalling section; one to count the number of axles on a train entering a signalling section and one to count the number of axles leaving a signalling section.

“If these two totals match, the section becomes clear for the next train. However, if the totals do not match or if there is another issue, the section of track remains occupied, holding the protecting signal at red.”