Campaigners are planning more Dorset events calling for a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Following on from a coach load of Dorset campaigners joining the pro-Palestinian protest march in London on Armistice Day, a series of events are planned to take place in Dorset.

A vigil took place on Monday at the Jubilee Clock in Weymouth and a rally is also planned to take place in Dorchester.

The rally will be held at the Town Pump in Cornhill opposite the Corn Exchange between 12pm and 2pm on Saturday, November 18.

Rob Ferguson, who helps organise the local campaign, said: “This movement is reshaping politics in Britain.

“The polls show that 76% of the public support a ceasefire. Against this, a shameful majority of our political establishment have endorsed Israel’s attacks on hospitals, schools, shelters and civilians. These are war crimes.

 “Our peaceful march (Armistice Day) stood in stark contrast to that of the fascists and far right hooligans who desecrated the Cenotaph, shouting racist slogans and attacking police.

“They had been directly mobilised by the incitement and hate filled rhetoric of former Home Secretary, Suella Braverman. Yes sacked - but far too late”.