Weymouth Football Club have been left ‘appalled’ and ‘furious’ after fan trouble overshadowed their recent match against Farnborough.

The club have apologised after some unruly Terras fans were ejected from the Hampshire ground by police on Saturday. It's believed some were later escorted to the railway station after trouble also broke out outside the ground.

Fans were accused of allegedly subjecting Farnborough goalkeeper Jack Turner to abhorrent abuse towards his family.

It's understood Weymouth manager Bobby Wilkinson was subject to abuse from some Weymouth fans.

Weymouth FC have spoken to goalkeeper Mr Turner and offered their apologies but state ‘this is not sufficient’ and are continuing to work with Farnborough to gather information to deal with the matter fully.

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The Terras' board have stated that they will deal with fans in the ‘strongest possible manner’.

Weymouth FC’s board of directors said in a statement: “We are appalled and furious with the actions seen on Saturday from people who claim to be supporters of our club.

"We have spoken with Jack Turner and offered our apologies to him, his wife and family.  Clearly this is not sufficient and with the help of Farnborough we continue to put together information to enable us to deal with this fully.

"Unfortunately, this incident was not the only one to occur on Saturday. The removal was necessary of other fans in attendance and these alleged fans will also be dealt with in the strongest possible manner that we are able to sanction. 

"We extend our apologies to everyone that attended the game on Saturday and was affected by what happened."

The statement added: “Lately Weymouth F.C. has been dogged by a minority of individuals who seem to want to cause maximum damage to the club’s reputation whilst claiming to be fans.  

“We believe we speak for all fair-minded supporters, volunteers, staff, and players when we say enough is enough.  

“Whilst we recognise supporters’ rights to voice an opinion and indeed welcome it, we will not stand by and watch a minority ruin our club with their behaviour.  

“Quite simply, if you do not want to support our club in a respectful way then you are not welcome, and every effort will be made to exclude you going forward.”

“We wish to place on record our thanks to Farnborough who through no fault of their own have had to deal with a difficult situation and continue to offer great support and help as we get to the bottom of this.”

The club have also said that they will issue a further update on the incidents once an investigation has been completed and re-iterated its stance that they do not accept behaviour like this and "sanctions will be implemented".