Weymouth residents are calling for a better system to manage the buses shuttling cruise passengers to and from Portland Port.

It comes as the final cruise ship of the season, the AIDAmar, visited Portland on Tuesday, with some passengers journeying into Weymouth to see the sights and visit shops.

Despite there being no issues this week, residents are calling for solutions to be made for next year when many more ships will be docking.

The scenes at the shuttle drop off point on Spring Road behind Hope Square have been described as stressful and chaotic in recent months.

Previously thousands of passengers have lined the streets waiting for buses to navigate the residential area.

The arrival of the Norwegian Star and the MSC Euribia in October resulted in police and traffic control officers called to guide the traffic around the end of Newtons Road, at the roundabout with Spring Road and Newberry Gardens.

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Whilst residents have no problem with welcoming the visitors to the town, there are some real concerns about what next year will bring.

David Miller is a local resident who has lived at his home on Spring Road since 1987 and has called for more to be done to alleviate the concerns and frustrations of residents.

He said: “It needs to be managed better. Why do so many have to come down here? If I have a day off it can be quite annoying.

“You have to put up with a certain amount of stuff in a holiday town, but this has pushed it.

“It’s good for Weymouth, but a bit more consideration for residents is needed.

“If it could be carried out in other places, maybe vary where they drop them off, as it is not the best place to bring them here.”

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Marian Clarke has lived in the area for nearly 20 years and wonders why local car parks can’t be used instead, as the current situation could put people in harm’s way.

She said: “They don’t have anyone working the traffic and watching the square, the trouble is, it is dangerous and an accident waiting to happen.

“The Swannery or Pavilion car parks would be a better option."

Another resident agreed about using car parks in the town.

He said: “They need to sort out all the buses. Sometimes there are four or five out there and they stop all up the road – it is very annoying.

“Why can’t they drop them at the Swannery or another car park?

“It’s really quite unpleasant there needs to be some consideration for the public.”

The Echo contacted Portland Port to raise the concerns of residents and whether they are thinking about changing the drop-off point.

A port spokesperson said: “We are grateful to the warm welcome which local residents and businesses provide to passengers from the cruise liners – visitor spend directly boosts the local economy by around £10 million a year.

“The port will keep the shuttle operation and drop-off under review – we are in continual dialogue with the council and have already looked at numerous alternatives.”