SEWAGE has been discharged into the sea in three spots in Weymouth.

Surfers Against Sewage is tracking real-time sewage discharge and pollution risks around the UK.

As of today (Friday, November 17), Pollution Alerts are in place for Lodmoor, Castle Cove and Sandsfoot Castle.

This means sewage has been dishcarged from a sewer overflow in these locations within the past 48 hours.

Surfers Against Sewage monitors water quality at over 450 river and coastal locations across the UK to warn residents and tourists about the water quality.  

A spokesperson for Surfers Against Sewage said anyone entering the water risked illness.

They said: "Last year there were over 389,000 discharges of untreated sewage into English waters adding up to over 2.7 million hours.

"When we swim, surf, paddle or play in water that has raw sewage in it, we’re at risk of catching gastroenteritis, ear, nose and throat infections, skin infections, and even hepatitis and e-coli.”

Sewage discharges can be tracked via an interactive map on the Surfers Against Sewage website