A CANCER patient turned local author who documented his diagnosis with testicular cancer has reached Number 1 in the Amazon best seller charts.

Af Marseh’s poignant memoir, Tumorous Hesticales Just Say Cancer, relives his roots in Dorset landscapes, whilst offering an intimate look into the emotional and physical challenges faced by young men diagnosed with cancer.

Born in Weymouth, Af grew up in the town going to Wey Valley School and Weymouth College. After moving away for university and work, he found his way back to the county when the pandemic started and is now living in Preston as a writer.

Af’s journey started with the experience of being at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, which is quickly swapped for the hospitals of Dorchester, Winterbourne and Poole.

There are also gripping tales from a rock-climbing incident at Pulpit Rock on Portland days before an intense chemotherapy regimen, as well as his reflection of events by Durdle Door.

Published on Tuesday, October 24, the book went straight to the best seller number 1 book in Oncology, number 2 in Humour Doctors and Medicine narrowly behind Dawn French’s memoir, as well as being number 1 in Mover and Shakers, which is the most rank gained of any book on the online marketplace Amazon in 24 hours.

Af spent almost four years putting the book together to support other people going through cancer treatment, giving support and knowledge to people in the networks of those affected too.

"I hope this book will be the perfect companion for anyone that has been affected by cancer and that includes the support networks of those involved.

"This will support the mums, dads, siblings, friends and colleagues of people going through a cancer treatment. There are numerous south west references from Durdle Door to Portland Bill, and Dorset County Hospital to Poole chemotherapy wards," said Af.

Af wrote the book predominantly at the Dorchester library, but also in Weymouth library.

A spokesperson for the Young Adults Cancer Charity said: “Af shines a light on the realities of cancer, with wit and realism. A must-read for young people and families going through something similar.”

The book has also received praise from a number of cancer specialists and doctors across the country.

Af's narrative and tone captures a myriad of reactions from friends and family, ranging from denial and anger to acceptance.

The "You Got This" campaign, initiated by his sister, has garnered significant support locally and internationally, drawing attention from notable celebrities like Anthony Joshua, Adam Lallana and Dame Kelly Holmes.

Tumorous Hesticles is about resilience, advice, and candid perspectives on cancer, making it supportive reading for anyone affected by cancer, including the families and friends of those going through the most turbulent time.

Af will be hosting a number of ‘Meet the Author’ nights across Dorset, and a full schedule can be found on any of his social media platforms @AfMarseh.

Tumorous Hesticles – Just Say Cancer is available as a paperback and on Kindle.