Police recovered cannabis after searching three males who were "openly using drugs" on a popular walking route in Weymouth.

The Rodwell Trail in Weymouth was being patrolled by officers on Friday evening (November 17).

Three young males were seen "openly using drugs in the tunnel" on the path, according to Police.

Plain-clothed officers searched the males and recovered cannabis.

A spokesperson for Weymouth and Portland Police said: "This weekend we have utilised plainclothes officers to patrol several hotspots in Weymouth.

"These hotspots are identified as areas which are more vulnerable to crime and the public may feel less safe.

"We are committed to targeting violence against women and girls and promoting public safety.

"Friday evening 3 young males were openly using drugs in the tunnel on The Rodwell Trail, they were searched, and cannabis was recovered and will be dealt with for this.

"Whilst we may not always be seen please be assured we are there and patrolling."

As previously reported, CCTV cameras which were put on the Rodwell trail to protect young women and girls, have still never worked.