I HAVE never had ‘Being the victim of verbal abuse’ on my bucket list of things to do or experiences, but now I can cross it off.

Whilst walking my dog around the small nature reserve between Icen lane and Littlemoor Road in Weymouth, I was treated to a barrage of abuse from one of the “Lyricists” we pedestrians are expected to share the path with.

These are arrogant and incredibly rude, Lycra-clad cyclists who appear out of nowhere at tremendous speed with no warning (they don’t seem to have bells on their bicycles) and then shout at you in a most uncouth manner, using a myriad of swear words, because you, as a pedestrian are in their way whilst they compete in their personal Tour de France.

Both my dog and I had narrowly missed being hit by this particular person and all he could do was swear at me. I have spoken to other pedestrians/dog walkers about this and they are as heartily fed up with the situation as I am.

This happens on a regular or daily basis.

I have nothing against proper cyclists who ring their bells to let you know they are approaching and even have the courtesy to thank you as you stand still to let them pass.

But the “Lyricists” have no respect for anyone but themselves and their ‘right’ to use the SHARED pathways as their own personal cycle tracks. So if you are the ignorant, rude person who nearly mowed my dog and I down last week - then take heed.

Start thinking about other people rather than just yourself. A shared pathway is just that “SHARED” and not yours to do with as you wish.

Lyn Morgan (disgruntled)

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