A COOL musical trio who just might be Weymouth’s hardest working band are celebrating a new album - a record which nearly didn’t get released due to a fire.

Members of psychedelic rock ‘n’ roll band The Surfin’ Birds - brothers Paul and Liam Sharod plus new recruit Robert Simmonds, (known as Bobbie Sparks) - have spent the past few years making their album Blue Room. But it was in danger of all going up in smoke.

As reported, roads were closed and homes and businesses were evacuated after a fire at Fish ‘n’ Fritz in the town centre in early October.

Singer and guitarist Paul, who lives in a flat above the shop, was at home with bassist Bobbie at the time making the final adjustments to the master tracks, and the two rushed down to help put the fire out with wet towels.

Despite the smoke, the pair then made the decision to rush back to the flat to collect some of Paul’s beloved guitars plus a computer containing recordings of the new album.

“As we sat outside, watching the fire quickly get worse, it set in that three years of hard work were about to go up in flames so we ran back in,” said Paul.

He added: “Bobbie cradled the PC tower with all the music we’d recorded like a new-born baby. If the fire had had its way, the album would not be here today, although maybe in another three years.”

Thankfully, no-one was hurt and no music was lost.

Dorset Echo:

Performing at Bredy Farm      Picture: Lu Gossian

The band, who are well-known on the local music scene and are also making a name for themselves outside of Dorset playing at festivals and supporting big acts, say the album tries to capture the ‘high-octane energy and infectious excitement’ of their live performances.

The album is one of three they are making in their own portable DIY studio funded by countless weekend gigs and Paul’s wages - as well as the band’s super-cool frontman you may have spotted him emptying your bin as he’s a refuse worker for Dorset Council by day.

Paul and Liam had been gigging together for more than 10 years and were due to call it a day during lockdown when they decided to give it another shot with the aim of reigniting the band with new music. They played all gigs offered to them - sometimes four in a day.

They met Bobbie at a jam night at The Belvedere pub and clicked immediately. After summer 2022, with nearly 40 gigs under their belt as a trio, they began recording Blue Room - named after the band the brothers’ parents formed in the 1980s.

The band are having an album launch party this Saturday starting at Vinyl Vault in Bond Street from 2pm then at The Belvedere from 8.30pm where the album will be played in full.