Students at Thomas Hardye School staged a walkout in support of a ceasefire in Gaza.

They walked out of the school and marched towards Cornhill in Dorchester where they held a short rally and vigil. 

They were joined by students from Budmouth Academy and Beaminster St Mary's School.

The students then marched back to the school and continued lessons for the rest of the day.

They left the school at 10.20 and returned at the end of their lunch break having only missed one lesson.

It comes as students across the country are staging similar protests on a national day of action for Palestine.

The Thomas Hardye students were also joined by young pupils and parents from Beaminster who joined in the protest, made pictures and read poems.

Thomas Hardye sixth-former Harry Hubbard, 17, helped organise the strike.

Dorset Echo: The march was organised by Harry Hubbard (centre), Sarah Barnes (right) and NairaThe march was organised by Harry Hubbard (centre), Sarah Barnes (right) and Naira (Image: Supplied)

He said: "It was absolutely fantastic.

"It was part of a national initiative of schools around the country walking out in solidarity with Palestine.

"We got permission from the school; they weren't going to try to stop us.

"At 10.20am around 100 of us gathered outside the school and we marched down Queens Avenue to the Town Pump.

"We then had a few speakers, including myself, some other students and speakers from the Jewish community.

"The point of the march was to show solidarity with Palestine and that even in Dorchester with a small Muslim community and no tradition of protest, even we are going to make our voice heard.

"Movements have got to start somewhere and I think it showed the power of the youth today."

Sarah Barnes, 38, is the mother of a seven-year-old at Beaminster St Mary's. She joined mothers and children from Beaminster, Portland, Shaftesbury and Bridport.

Sarah said: "I have a seven year old. I wanted to gather mums of primary-aged children and I felt like we could have a peaceful protest from younger children to write messages of support to the children of Gaza.

"I was inspired to see the young people of Dorset show their voice

"I think it is incredibly powerful when you see the teenagers and younger people getting involved