THANKS to reader David Matthews for getting in touch with his memories of Flews Stores at 193 Chiswell on Portland.

The shop was run by his father and he wants to know if Dorset Echo readers and members of our We Grew Up in Weymouth and Portland Facebook nostalgia group remember shopping there?

And does anyone recall anybody who worked there? Mr Matthews asked.

Apparently Flews was the place to go for Portland dough cakes!

This photo, provided by Mr Matthews, is a 1/12 scale of the interior of Flews Store circa 1960.

This popular grocery shop was owned by Reg Matthews, father of David Matthews, and a member of staff there was Bob Newsam.

Dave Rogers writes: "I remember the shop well, I used to help your dad with deliveries when I got home from school and also helped him get stock from the cash and carry, surprising how much stock that fitted in the mini van."

April Davey says her mother always shopped in Flews and her auntie lived in the flat above the entrance at the side of the shop.

She added: "Portland dough cakes - no-one made them like Reg Matthews - imitations made since are not the same!"

According to Jo Draper in her book Dorset Food, recipes for Portland dough cakes were all recorded in the 20th century and varied considerably from family to family.

Many Portland housewives made dough cakes in the 1930s and 1940s and would never give their recipes away - they would keep them in their head. 

Email if you remember Flews Store - especially the Portland dough cakes!