A dedicated trainee chef is following his culinary dreams after landing an apprenticeship at a popular restaurant in Weymouth.

Adam Bentley, aged 18, felt disinterested in his academic studies and subsequently decided to pursue a more creative outlet. His high aspirations and determination led him to discover a passion for cooking.

He said: “I didn’t want to be a nobody. I wanted to get out there and do something. When I started cooking, I fell in love with it. The more I’ve been doing it the more I like it.”

Following his studies at Weymouth College, he landed an apprenticeship at the White Pepper restaurant which specialises in Keralan cuisine.

Dorset Echo:

On top of developing his culinary skills, Adam is also trying to learn Malayalam - the official language of Kerala – allowing him to fully immerse himself the regional culinary traditions. He is under the mentorship of Chef Louis Anthony and despite the language barrier, they have both enjoyed learning about each other’s different cultures and trying to find each other’s humour.

Adam has expressed immense gratitude to the White Pepper for the fun memories he has made.

“They have allowed me an experience. Every other job I worked in or previous courses I’ve been on in college, there’s always that one person that doesn’t like it. It’s not like that here. Everyone enjoys it.

“I’m proud of my development so far. When I first started, I was a mess. I could make the stuff but then my work area wasn’t together and organised, but now I can stay on top of it.”

After the service finishes, staff are offered a unique learning experience in getting to make a “post-shift meal” which are often more traditional Keralan dishes outside the menu.

"As the curtains fall on another exhilarating shift, I have the privilege of sharing a meal with my colleagues, savouring traditional Keralan dishes and exploring new flavours that might grace the menu soon. It's a genuine honour to be part of this incredible team."

In the near future, Adam plans to return to Weymouth College to continue his Level 3 Studies in cookery.