EYESORE scaffolding said to have been in place for nearly two years has caused concern in Weymouth.

Building work outside an empty shop at 8A Frederick Place has been ongoing for months - and fenced off scaffolding remains with an overflowing bin inside.

The location of the building work is just outside Weymouth town centre’s pedestrianised shopping area.

A note has been placed on the scaffolding by one frustrated person, dubbing it a ‘Third World Bombsite’.

Dorset Echo: Note placed on the fenced off scaffolding Note placed on the fenced off scaffolding (Image: NQ)

It says: "Corroding scaffolding - in position for at least two years.

"Overflowing municipal refuse container - not emptied this year.

"Assorted dumped wire fencing units, pedestrian safety barriers, wood off-cuts and general rubbish. 

"Area overgrown with weeds."

The note then goes on to say 'Weymouth Council - Shame on you'.

However, a Weymouth Town Council spokesman has pointed out the scaffolding is not the responsibility of the authority.

Dorset Echo: The scaffolding at Frederick PlaceThe scaffolding at Frederick Place (Image: Karl Schulte)

Pensioner Karl Schulte, 82, of Greenhill, Weymouth, described the sight as ‘really quite disgusting’.

“It’s unbearable to see,” he said.

“It’s been there for nearly two years now. People get off the bus at the King’s Statue and it’s the first thing they see.

“What’s really gutting is that there must be so many officials in authority who walk past there every day and don’t seem to see it.”

Mr Schulte also has concerns about the site being a fire risk due to the bin and rubbish on the ground inside the site.

Tim Munro, a former councillor, is also concerned about the appearance of the scaffolding and says he has seen it there for nearly two years.

He said: “It beggars belief that no-one who’s in any kind of authority has noticed it.

“I feel sad that they have chosen not to initiate a check up on it.”

A Dorset Council spokesman said the authority, to its knowledge, has not received any complaints about the site.

They said: “The scaffold in question was put in place to facilitate structural repairs to the building, it is licenced on a monthly basis and was last renewed on the 28th of September.

“Dorset Council does not own the building or has any involvement with the repair work. To our knowledge we have not received any complaints.“