Cliff falls and landslips have hit Dorset’s coastline after torrential rain and heavy storms battered the area.

A yellow weather warning was issued amid torrential rainfall across the county.

Rivers burst their banks and roads flooded, but as the rain continues into the weekend, it has affected beaches in Dorset.

The recent heavy wind and rain has seen cliff falls at Lulworth Cove.

Lulworth Rangers said parts of cliffs that had fallen away from part of the World Heritage Site, with debris on the beach from a recent fall.

Lulworth Rangers have advised visitors to keep a reasonable distance away from clifftops and the cliffs when walking on the beach.

The wet weather is going to continue this weekend, according to the Met Office who also warn that wind will be 'an additional hazard' on Saturday.

A spokesperson for Lulworth Rangers said: “Due to all the wet weather and recent storms there are several small cliff falls in the Cove at Lulworth.

“Please, when walking the beaches, keep a reasonable distance away from under any cliffs and above clifftops. Particularly where there has been any falls recently.”

A spokesperson from Dorset Council said: “If you are heading out on the coast this weekend please take extra care. The recent heavy rains make rockfalls and landslips more likely. Remember to stay safe, keep away from the edges of the cliffs and don't walk directly underneath them.”