Knitters have been left ‘stunned’ as the Christmas yarn bombings which were stolen from them last year have been returned to their original location.

Charming and festive creations have once again appeared on the bollards near Weymouth Harbour bringing joy to passers-by.

Dorset Echo: Fuzzy reindeerFuzzy reindeer (Image: Knitoholics)

However, even more ‘delight’ was brought to their creators after two snowmen bollard jumpers that were stolen last year were ‘mysteriously returned.’

A spokesperson for the Knitoholics, the group behind the wonderful creations said: “We were absolutely stunned, amazed and delighted at the mysterious return of the two missing snowmen.

“They just appeared overnight earlier this month and goodness knows where they had been but if we had to guess, we can only surmise they went on holiday to the North Pole until it got cold enough to come back to Weymouth - we are so happy to see them again.”

The group usually create ‘yarn bombs’ for every occasion with the last outstanding works commemorating Remembrance Day.

The inspiration behind this year's characters were obviously centred around Christmas, however, the group have a ‘secret weapon.’

The spokesperson said: “It was mainly seasonal inspiration - winter and Christmas included, but we have a secret weapon. One of our granddaughters, aged 12, has an amazing imagination.

“She tends to sketch out wacky ideas like Jack Frost which we then have to turn in patterns so we can knit them into something resembling her image, this can be fun and challenging at the same time.”

Dorset Echo: Jack FrostJack Frost (Image: Knitoholics)

On average it takes the Knitoholics four to six weeks to create each character.

This year, creations include reindeer, snowmen, Jack Frost, Santa and even a Christmas pudding.

 “The length of time depends on who is knitting which character, how complicated it is and how quick a knitter you are, but on average it will take four to six weeks with all the finishing touches,” the spokesperson said.

Overall, the group continue to do this, even though they have had some stolen in the past because they enjoy it and want to make people smile.

Dorset Echo: SnowmanSnowman (Image: Knitoholics)

The spokesperson added: “Head down to the south harbourside to check them out for yourselves, especially with children.

“It’s a great photo and 'selfie' opportunity and you can share them with friends and family.”

 The group are encouraging people to tag them in their pictures on Facebook:

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