A Dorset beauty spot has been named in the top three winter surf spots in the UK.

Kimmeridge Bay is a popular spot for surfers and windsurfers, due to the sea breezes and vast rock ledges.

For surfers, it offers Dorset’s premier reef break, Broadbench, which can hold waves of up to 15 feet along with other waves in the “K-Bay” area.

This surf spot has been confirmed as one of the best in the country, after being ranked in the top 3 best winter surfing spots in the UK. 

Only Llangennith Beach in Wales and Pease Bay in Scotland were ranked higher, making Kimmeridge Bay rated the 3rd best winter surfing spot in the UK and the best in England.

A study from Saltrock has analysed data from beaches up and down the UK to reveal the top 20 best locations for winter surfing.

The surf spots analysed in the study come with different requirements such as water temperature, swell types, and wave cleanliness and Kimmeridge Bay has become a must-visit location for this.

Kimmeridge Bay, located on the Jurassic World Heritage Coast in Dorset, is renowned for its diverse range of water activities.

The water at Kimmeridge boasts the warmest winter temperatures for people spending time in the sea, which was reflected in the data result with the highest temperatures recorded at 19.8°C.

Additionally, for surfing enthusiasts, Kimmeridge Bay is home to Broadbench, capable of handling big waves.

This, along with the array of other surfable waves which have the lowest level of contamination from sewage discharge into the sea, makes it a highly favoured destination for surfers and deserving of 3rd spot in the UK.