Boxing Day and its sales greets us today.

As many of us head off to shop for goodies such as clothes, electrical items and some of our favourite food and drink treats, here's a look at what used to be in the location of some well known Dorset shops.

You'll be amazed at what used to be at some of the locations where we shop now.

Asda - Weymouth

Dorset Echo:

Many of you will remember the old Sidney Hall, built by Sir John Groves, the brewer, in memory of his son, Sidney, who had died in the 1890s.

It opened in 1900, and was quite a local landmark until its (inevitable) demolition in 1987, to make an Asda supermarket.

Dancing and roller-skating took place here regularly.

The proprietor was Mr Lloyd-Worth.

Dorset Echo:

Weymouth FC's Recreation Ground was then on the site but in 1987 Asda bought the club's base and built its store at Newstead Road.

Dorset Echo:

The club moved to the Wessex Stadium

Morrisons - Weymouth

Dorset Echo:

How many of you remember Mount Pleasant Farm in Weymouth, which was once where Morrisons is now?

This picture shows the pretty farm next to the Skew Bridge. The farm owners were the Millers.

The park and ride site in Weymouth nearby is named Mount Pleasant after the farm.

Below is Morrisons in Weymouth as it is today.

Dorset Echo:

Morrisons, Blandford

Dorset Echo:

This is what used to be there when you walked through the Greyhound archway from the market place.

The buildings on the left are part of the Greyhound pub, while everything else you see was demolished to make way for Safeways (later Morrisons) supermarket. The man is walking towards The Ham car park, which used to have a large tree in the middle of it.

Here's a picture of the site now.

Dorset Echo:

Somerfield, Blandford

Dorset Echo:

This East Street building was built in 1934 as the Palace Cinema and remained as a cinema until 1971.

It then became a Somerfield supermarket in 1999. It is now a clothes shop.

We'd love to hear your memories - and see your photos - of old supermarkets in Weymouth and Dorchester and hear about what used to be on the same site before or after.

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