Dorchester’s Corn Exchange will play host to two true magical superstars on the afternoon of Saturday, January 27.

The Great Baldini and Baldwin the dog will appear in The Great Baldini's Family Magic Show at 3.30pm

With several award-winning Edinburgh Fringe Shows to their name already, this show will be packed with magic, puppetry, escapology and hilarious magic.

In the evening, The Great Baldini will return for The Great Baldini - Best of the Magic Fringe at 7.30pm.

Act 1: Showman tells of Baldini’s magical life from his first trick to Houdini’s deadliest escape.

In Act 2: Illusionati he follows a trail of magical clues to track down a cabal of sinister magicians controlling society through magical dark arts. Imagine Tommy Cooper trying to crack the da Vinci Code.