Here's an old picture of a seaplane in Weymouth Bay to share with you.

Although it has no date, reader Gerald Clark tells us it was taken in 1912.

Click on the photo above to see it full-sized in its spectacular glory.

Many things have changed in Weymouth over the years but that spectacular Georgian frontage on the seafront is as recognisable as ever.

Thanks also to Brian Ellis, who is also an admirer of the view of Weymouth in the backdrop in the picture.

He writes: "You have to go many a mile to beat Weymouth Bay and the view from the sea is always great whatever the decade."

The picture reminds Ian Wright of seeing a seaplane landing in Dorset in the 1950s.

He writes: "In the mid 50s I saw a flying boat land, approximately off Ringstead Bay. I thought it was a Short Sealand. I observed it from close to the Jubilee Clock."

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