WORKSHOPS are to be held at a Dorset garden centre across a weekend to help adults and youngsters learn more  about growing.

Dobbies at Galton near Owermoigne, is holding them on the weekend of Saturday, January 6 and Sunday, January 7.

On Saturday, January 6,  a free Grow How session will take place, offering families some top tips on cultivating indoor microgreens.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, January 7, children can discover the fascinating world of hydroponics, an innovative method of growing plants in water instead of soil.

This session is a Little Seedlings Club workshop and is designed for children aged 4 to 10.

They encourage kids to embrace the nature and wildlife around them and nurture a passion for gardening and protecting the environment along the way.

Children will learn how to propagate plants and grow them using the hydroponic technique, feeding them with mineral nutrient salts dissolved in water, and explore the differences between growing with soil or water.

Care tips will be shared, including ensuring your water is nutrient rich and the plant is aerated, allowing the roots to get enough oxygen for optimal growth.

Most plants can grow hydroponically, but Dobbies’ experts will showcase some of the plants best suited to the hydroponic method, including strawberries, tomatoes and lettuce, making it a fun activity the whole family can enjoy.

For adults, the free Grow How session on Saturday, January 6 will showcase how easy it is to grow microgreens including basil, coriander and arugula.

Dobbies’ gardening experts will provide seasoned gardeners and novices alike with practical knowledge to successfully nurture these nutrient rich herbs at home.

Microgreens can be grown all year round in almost any container, from recycled cans to seed trays, and should be ready to harvest a few weeks after seeding if moisture and light are maintained.

They can be harvested by snipping them just above the soil line and then added to any dish to add flavour.

As well as giving advice on how to grow these amazing greens, the Dobbies Galton Grow How session will also highlight the tools required for a thriving indoor garden.

Dobbies’ senior houseplant buyer, Claire Bishop, has a passion for indoor gardening and loves how versatile microgreens are.

She said: “Microgreens are not only a tasty addition to the kitchen but a great way to get the whole family involved in an activity.

“There are plenty microgreens to try growing at home and they are very easy to care for, which those attending can learn about at Dobbies Galton session."

To book a place on the Grow How session on Saturday, January 6, go to the website 

To book a place on the Little Seedlings session on Sunday, January 7, go to the website