It became one of the town’s most loved restaurants.

And it’s still fondly remembered.

The Wimpy bar in Weymouth brings back many happy memories for locals of benders in a bun and ice-cream floats!

For many teenagers, it was the perfect place to meet friends - and the secret of what was in the ‘special sauce’ still isn’t out!

Weymouth had a Wimpy bar from approximately 1978 to 1994.

Dorset Echo:

Weymouth's first Wimpy bar

Readers remember it being in St Edmund’s Street opposite Bee Cabs and moving premises to St Thomas Street. It was run by Pete Evans before he bought Johnny Lanes.

The restaurant even welcomed a big star when Dusty Springfield came in for a meal after performing at Weymouth Pavilion!

As you can see from this old menu, the Wimpy offered some well loved dishes.

Dorset Echo:

If you wanted fish you could get the Shanty Salad for 40p, or if you fancied pork, gammon steak and pineapple in the form of the Delta Grill was available for 36p.

Or if you really wanted to push the boat out you could go for the Special Grill at 42p and even get a cup of tea to accompany it at 5 and a half p!

Many Weymouth residents have happy memories of visiting the Wimpy.

Dorset Echo:

Chris Morris remembers: “I used to go to Weymouth Wimpy every Saturday morning with my daughter for a bender in a bun - I have to make them at home occasionally but they are not the same.”

Liz Green said: “The Wimpy was a treat once a month. My mum used to treat me and my children. We always had the Wimpy Grill. Mum and I had Knickerbocker Glory and Becky and Ben had ice-cream floats. Happy days.”

Dorset Echo: The Weymouth Wimpy restaurant (on the left) pictured on a snowy day in January 1982The Weymouth Wimpy restaurant (on the left) pictured on a snowy day in January 1982 (Image: NQ)

Malcolm Weston tells us: “I remember finding 13s/6d sifting around the beach huts one day with a tennis racquet.

“I was straight down the Wimpy for a slap-up meal for my mate and me!”

Weymouth's Wimpy in St. Thomas Street

Dorset Echo:

Helen Basson worked at the Wimpy in the school holidays.

She says “I used to run straight from Woolworths which was also my holiday job....then after it was a midnight swim or late night movies.....then up bright and early to do it all again. I used to have a shanty burger for my break.”

Lee Skillman remembers: “I used to love having egg, burger, beans and chips....and full breakfast on Saturdays”

Bunty Harris recalls: “I had my first Coca Cola float in there. Back in the days when we didn’t get charged double for having it in a glass bottle.”

Juliet-Anne Burgis recalls: “Oh yes, and that tomato shaped sauce container.

“We went to the first one in Weymouth as a teenager and we thought we were very sophisticated!

Until we accidentally squirted sauce up the walls. We paid and ran I still carry the guilt.”

Another ex-Wimpy worker is Graham Thorne, who worked at the Weymouth branch in the 1970s.

He said: “My only claim to fame is being a chef at a Wimpy Bar. You can’t get a bender burger now can you. I think Bet McCristobal was manager at time. Good times, but I can’t remember the waitresses names now though.”

And for those who want to get their Wimpy fix these days, Swanage still has a Wimpy restaurant.

The menu has changed and the prices are more expensive these days of course, but you can still get a bender in a bun!

We’d love to hear your memories of both the Weymouth and Dorchester Wimpys and particularly see any old photos.

Send them to us below.

Community answers

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From John lee

My memory of Wimpy is...Hi yes I can remember my 7 year old son could not find he's coat after we had been to the wimpy in weymouth so we went back to the wimpy and a lovely lady said I saw you leave and noticed a coat on a chair and hoped you would be back so she gave me the coat she was so helpful and kind we said our thank yous and left this was my memory of wimpy weymouth

From Marie shenton

My memory of Wimpy is...I loved a milkshake and a hamburger and chips .wimpey was my favourite when were at weymouth


My memory of Wimpy is...Myself and my friend Julie Crane (Chinery) both worked there as Saturday girls and in the Holidays, I remember Betty McCrystal ran it, I also remember Graham. My name is Diana Osman

From Linda Thomas

My memory of Wimpy is...When did the whimpy open in St Thomas Street there was a write up in echo and my mum and myself was in the picture Would liketo know the date

From Community contributor

My memory of Wimpy is...It was open long before 1978. I left school in 1963 and before that I wasin the Weymouth Sea Cadets and we went in the Wimpy after Sunday church parades.