It's time to remember some hi-jinks in Weymouth in the 1960s.

It seems as though the Nothe Fort was the place to go for some carefree fun.

Here at Looking Back we were gobsmacked to see what reader Tony Wraight got up to as a youngster - scaling the wall of the fort is no mean feat!

If you look closely at the picture above you can just about make out the little figure that is a young Tony achieving the seemingly impossible and shimmying up the wall of the Nothe Fort!

The other picture shows Tony, (or should that be Yeti!), larking around at the popular hang-out spot with his mates.

Dorset Echo: 'Yeti' larking around at the Nothe Fort, Weymouth in the late 1960s

He tells us: "I had fun at the Nothe in 1968 when I was known as Yeti with Bob, plus me climbing the dreaded Nothe wall, the only way to gain access then.. Happy carefree fitter days..."

And just why was the wall the only access to the Nothe back then?

Thanks to Bob Green for this explanation: "The dreaded Nothe wall would have been the only access in late 1967-68.

"The reason for this, was "The Nothe Fort Blaze". In 1967, some young chaps set fire to two drums of detergent stored in a courtyard room.

"This resulted in quite a serious fire in one room. "The council then closed off every entrance.

"They even bricked up the sewer pipe entrance which was about 20m from where Tony is climbing."

Thanks so much to Tony for his belated confession of his shenanigans!