As temperatures plummet there are plenty of spaces where people can go to stay warm and receive a free hot drink across Dorset.

Winter is also a time of year that many may feel isolated, and Dorset based support group, Help and Kindness is ‘encouraging people to get out, try something new and socialise’ whilst keeping warm.

Wendy Howard of Help and Kindness said: “We are encouraging people to get out, try something new and socialise.

“I believe that people can go somewhere in Weymouth at least once a day and get a hot drink.”

The group has compiled a list of warm and safe spaces on its website where people can enjoy hot lunches, company, play games, learn new skills as well as arts and crafts.

Wendy added: “It can sometimes be a bit awkward if you have to sit and make conversation which is why puzzles and arts and crafts can make it easier - we are encouraging people to socialise more.”

She explained that other ways that people could get involved is by ‘volunteering or helping out,’ that way people ‘feel they have got a job.’

Wendy said: “Health walks are another good option – these can be done at a gentle stroll, but it’s not as easy to go for a walk in this weather.”

Some of the spaces open to the public include Cuppa and Company at Portland Library which takes place every Monday from 10.30am to 12pm, as well as Cuppa and Company at Wyke Regis Library, which takes place every Friday from 10.30am to 12.30pm.

Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service has also created a list of ways to keep energy costs down around the home as people may be struggling following an increase in energy charges.

This includes, ‘heating the body and not the home,’ by layering up clothing and blankets, ‘setting a timer’ when using central heating so that people ‘won’t forget to turn it off’ and will therefore save money, also ‘heating individual rooms,’ with the service suggesting ‘only keeping radiators switched on in the rooms you use most.’

They further advise turning your thermostat down as ‘for each degree you cut the thermostat, expect to cut bills by around 4%, or about £78 a year on average for a typical home,’ as well as using ‘eco mode on appliances when possible.’

For a full list of help and advice from Help and Kindness, visit: