Pupils at a middle school in Dorset helped donate unwanted books to aid Afghan children.

St Osmund’s School in Dorchester donated more than 400 books to Chickerell Camp, which is currently home to Afghan children and families. 

The temporary accommodation scheme at the Dorset army training camp will house up to 60 people for six weeks at a time. This will amount to 250 people over six months.

On Wednesday, January 10, four Year 6 pupils became ‘library helpers’ and, along with Head of School Gareth Biddle made the delivery.

Once inside the camp, the group were met with smiles by British Army personnel and a small group of resident children.

The resident children were ‘intrigued’ by the arrival by St Osmund’s pupils as they gave them lots of fist bumps.

After books were unloaded into storage, a representative from the army briefly spoke to the group about the community that are living in the camp, and that the donation will assist the development of a classroom and creche for the Afghan children.

Mr Biddle said: "We have recently had a huge clear out of old and unwanted school library stock.

“After offering this stock to our immediate community, we remained with a large number of books that we wished to rehome. Through a parent at school we were able to work with Dorset Council to set up this donation.

“Today's donation and visit has had a profound impact on the St. Osmund's students that supported us. This work is a clear example of living out our school values of hope, community, respect and love."