A popular attraction in Dorset will once again devote a morning to helping visitors with sensory needs.

The Tank Museum in Bovington is hosting a Quiet Morning for its visitors on Saturday, January 20.

All sounds and interactives in the museum will be turned off between 9am and 11am.

After 11am, sounds will be switched back on but visitors are welcome to remain in the museum for as long as they like.

This will be the first of four weekend days during the year that will allow all visitors to explore the collection of armoured vehicles in a calm environment.

Visitor Experience General Manager Rosanna Dean said: “The museum recognises that noise levels can cause sensory overload, and the Quiet Mornings enable visitors to experience the exhibitions in a peaceful setting.

“The museum has also introduced a wellbeing room for those requiring a restful environment.”

Visitors with Special Educational Needs or disabilities can also borrow a sensory backpack for free, which includes ear defenders, a fidget toy, and Commander Basil bear.

Quiet Mornings are also planned for April 20 and October 19 - all Saturdays.

Tickets can be purchased on the day or pre-booked online from tankmuseum.org/quiet-mornings