A HUSBAND and wife team have won Weymouth council seats for the Conservatives – but only one will take up their place.

Peter Dickenson, having won the Dorset Council Preston and Littlemoor seat, immediately said that he would not be taking the position – a decision he had come to “with a heavy heart”.

He had omitted to fill in his position as a lollipop man on his nomination papers, which disqualifies him from the election as a Dorset Council employee.

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By the time the error was discovered it was too late to withdraw from the election.

Unless there is a call for another election, which is unlikely, the Dorset Council seat will next be contested in May.

Mr Dickenson said he would be back at the elections in May, between now and then hoping to have found a solution where he would not need to resign his school crossing part-time job.

“I really don’t want to give it up, because I love it, but if a solution can’t be found I may have to resign the lollipop role so I can stand later in the year,” he said, adding that he been gutted to win the seat and then not take it.

Peter Dickenson remains as a Weymouth town councillor.

Wife Jo, who topped the poll for the Weymouth Town Council Preston seat paid tribute to her husband and ward councillor Louie O’Leary.

She said that having never been a councillor before she was looking forward to the role and hope to be proactive, finding ways of improving the lives of local people.

The Liberal Democrats, who had hoped to take both seats with their candidate Simon Clifford, were critical of the Conservative group for their handling of the election - which was held following the death of Conservative Tony Ferrari in November, who held seats on both councils.

Lib Dem Cllr Ryan Hope said the elections, called by the Conservatives, had cost local council taxpayers £13,000 – with a poor outcome for voters.

“They have deprived the residents of Littlemoor and Preston of a democratic voice on Dorset Council,” said Cllr Hope.

In a statement Mr Clifford, who was unable to be at the count in Preston Village Hall, said: “ We ran the Conservatives extremely close and it bodes well for the full council elections in May. The Lib Dems have shown they are able to fight in the Conservative heartlands. We have the people, ideas and energy to overturn the Tory majority at Dorset Council and I really believe that come May we will find the Conservatives out of power – it is time for a change.”

Results – Weymouth Town Council Preston Ward - Mrs Joanna Dickenson, Local Conservatives 959; Simon Clifford, Lib Dem 610; Steve Brown, Labour 100. Turnout 39.64 per cent.

Dorset Council Littlemoor and Preston Ward Peter Dickenson, Local Conservatives 1,237; Simon Clifford, Lib Dem 833; Steve Brown, Labour 232. Turnout 30.79 per cent.