Farming machinery stolen from rural west Dorset has been recovered.

The Massey Ferguson tractor and Manitou machinery were recovered in the Broadwindsor area yesterday, Saturday, January 13.

Both of these vehicles were stolen last year and can be worth thousands of pounds.

Dorset Echo: Dorset Police Rural Crime Team recover stolen vehicles

A spokesperson for the Dorset Police Rural Crime Team said: "PC Haggett and DC Allen moved onto an incident which has resulted in a stolen Manitou and a stolen Massey Ferguson tractor being recovered from the Broadwindsor area in West Dorset.

"Both were stolen last year from rural west Dorset.

"Thank you to the community and the agricultural engineers for helping us get the stolen kit moving.

"Plant machinery such as this can be worth several thousands of pounds and have serious impacts on farming as an industry.

"We genuinely are over the moon when we get to see victims' faces when they get their stolen items back. Now for a well-earned cuppa."