A circus show like no other is coming to Weymouth.

The Circus of Horrors is bringing the all new show Dr Haze’s Cabaret of Curiosities to Weymouth Pavilion on Friday, February 2 at 7.30pm.

The production is the ultimate tribute to Dr Haze, the former ringmaster and the creator of the Circus of Horrors, who leaves behind a legacy of bizarre and daring entertainment.

Dr Haze was the owner and frontman of the world famous Circus of Horrors, who sadly died last year following a battle with cancer.

Whether you're a rock fan or a theatregoer, promoters say the Circus of Horrors has something for everyone.

Producers promise an ‘amazing set,’ ‘stellar lights,’ and ‘special effects,’ as well as ‘beautifully bizarre circus acts, a sinister story and the darkest of magic all performed to an original rock score.’

There will be plenty of entertainment on offer from sword swallowers, 'hairculean' aerialists hanging from their hair whilst suspended above the auditorium, whirlwind jugglers, twisted contortionists, voodoo acrobats, pickled people, all the way to hula hooping sideshow showgirls.

The show is suitable for those aged 16+ and tickets start from £20 which can be purchased here: https://weymouthpavilion.com/shows/circus-of-horrors-cabaret-of-curiosities/.