Firefighters were called out to a fire near the the Isle of Purbeck Golf Club last night.

A fire crew was called from Swanage Fire Station to attend what turned out to be a controlled burn at the Studland club.

A spokesperson for Swanage Fire Station said: "This evening one pump was called to a fire near the Isle Of Purbeck Golf Club.

"Crews took a long walk through the course to the fire which turned out to be a controlled burn. Once a responsible person returned to the fire we were able to head back to station."

These cause a drain on resources and put both the public and firefighters at risk when they respond under ‘blue light’ conditions.

Advice on Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and rescue service's says that controlled burns or bonfires that will be visible to passers-by should be notified to Fire Control by completing an online notification, and where possible gone at least an hour before a fire is started.

For fires that are larger or in built up areas or near utility supplies members of the public are advised to call allow the fire service to gather more information.

 Fire crews are regularly called to fires which members of the public believe to be emergencies but, on attendance, are found to be bonfires or controlled burns.

The types of incidents that need to be notified to the fire service are:

  • A sizeable bonfire in your garden or on other land
  • Any sort of fire on farmland
  • Stubble burning
  • Large fires near any utility supplies (such as power cables), main roads and/or railway lines

The control room can be called on 0306 799 0019 or an online notification can be made at