An exhibition of  paintings, pastels, mixed media, textiles, and ceramics will be hosted by a group of artists in north Dorset.

Earth Fire Water Spring will take place at Springhead in Fontmell Magna between February 5 and February 11 from 10am until 4pm.

Tea, coffee, and cakes will be on sale from 11am until 3pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and entry to the exhibition is free.

Visitors will also be able to visit the Springhead Gardens which will be full of blooming snowdrops.

A spokesperson for the event said: "John Austin-Williams, Imogen Bittner, Mala Hassett, June Lisle and Helen Simpson present an eclectic exhibition to celebrate and coincide with the first signs of spring in this winter season and the arrival of snowdrops at Springhead.

"Visiting the collection of snowdrops at Springhead is already a special mid-winter treat for many.

"This February there is the added bonus of seeing artwork that resonates with the underlying elemental forces so apparent in these wintery times.

"In their own ways each artist is responding to earth, fire, water and spring: whether inspired directly by the local landscape, personal experience, or changes in vegetation and season.

"These five very different artists, members of the Dorset Salon  (Dorset Visual Arts), have united under the title “Visual Rhythm” because of an underlying sense of motion in their art.

"Working in different media their pieces reflect the dynamic sensations found in music. Among the colours, forms and marks in their work lie the echoes of a melody, a beat."

A concert will also take place on Sunday, February 11 at 2pm which will feature a newly composed string quartet called The Underneath and Airborne.

The piece is composed by award winning composer Joy Ingle and will be performed by musicians  Rebecca Anderson-Deas, Lizzie Holbrook, Louise and Sarah Padday.

The spokesperson added: This quartet  is a sequence of three short scenes exploring regrowth through a patchwork of traditional English folk music, experimental textures and syncopation.

"Inspired by the Visual Rhythm group’s work and the Springhead Snowdrop festival, the piece echoes those first few days of spring during which the earth is creaking back into life.”