There is fresh hope for funding to be secured to bring back a space that gives medical help to vulnerable people on the streets of Weymouth.

Weymouth Street Pastors recently met with Dorset Council representatives and others involved in the running of Safe Space to discuss its possible return in the coming months.

It is home to the Weymouth Street Pastors, a group of volunteers who provide medical support for night time revellers in Weymouth town centre and anyone on the streets on Friday and Saturday nights.

The street pastors received the devastating news at the beginning of the year that there was no further funding to keep the Safe Space open until the spring.

The Weymouth Safe Space project, funded by Dorset Council, is based in St Mary's Church - with an entrance on Maiden Street.

Although the pastors are continuing to help people on their patrols, losing their Safe Space meant that medical service Acute Medical Care, also based in the space, would no longer be able to help and has led to concerns people won't be able to find the street pastors.

Following the recent meeting, Weymouth Street Pastor Coordinator, Andrew Reid said: “We had a very positive meeting, and the funding is really needed to get this back up and running.

“The council are desperately trying to find some funding which is good news. We are really happy about it and just want to get something going, but we are out regardless.”

The group hopes that this revelation will mean that they can be back up and running from Safe Space by March at the latest.

A spokesperson for Dorset Council said: "We have asked for more funding but are still waiting to hear. As soon as we have an update we will update the stakeholders."

The funding for the Weymouth Street Pastors was put on hold between January and March.

Dorset Council initially said: “The funding has not been cut, but we have to be prudent with the funding to make sure it is spent in the most beneficial way, so this is something that happens annually when the night-time economy in Weymouth slows down between January and March."

Neighbourhood Inspector Sam Goom, of Weymouth and Portland Police, said: “Street Pastors are absolutely fantastic. I really value the special contribution they make to ensuring Weymouth has a safe and vibrant night-time economy.

“The service they offer members of the public is outstanding. They are highly respected by officers, the public and businesses that operate within the night-time economy.”

It is hoped that the vital service may be back up and running before the Easter period.