Children were given a talk on fire safety following a recent village fire.

Firefighters visited Cheselbourne Village School after an elderly couple were rescued from their home on Thursday, January 11.

As reported by the Echo, the couple were trapped in their smoke-filled home in what was described as a 'terrifying experience' by the fire service.

The talk involved the children trying on firefighting uniforms and being taught about the equipment used to help tackle fires. 

A spokesperson for Cheselbourne Village School said: "We welcomed Tess, from the fire service, to talk to us about the amazing job that they do. We saw her colleagues in action last week in the village and it was amazing to hear about how we can all help to be safe.

"The children loved the chance to meet our visitors and explore the fire engine today, especially after the village incident last week.

"The fire service and Cheselbourne Village School have been proactive in everything organising in the last week to support the children.

A spokespersons for Dorchester Fire Station said: "This week we were invited to attend Cheselbourne Village School to talk to the children about fire safety after last weeks fire in the village.

"A member of the services education team gave the children a talk about fire safety and one of our crews from Dorchester took an appliance there to show the children and talk about some of the kit we carry."