The beloved mascot of a Dorset town has been immortalised in artwork raising money for a local cause.

Suzy the Cat has been the talk of Dorchester since finding fame at the end of last year by going as she pleases into shops down South Street and Trinity Street.

The cute feline quickly gained a lot of attention, and it wasn’t long before she had a following on social media with a Facebook group set up to share pictures of her out and about.

Now, tourists and locals will get the chance to own a piece of Suzy memorabilia as a local artist has created a postcard featuring the feline.

Catherine Owen, a Weymouth based artist and writer, has designed a postcard featuring Suzy next to the recognisable monument of the Town Pump and Cornhill in Dorchester.

Catherine said that her inspiration came from the ‘lovely true local interest story.’

She said: “It’s such a nice story for the town. Dorchester’s community has been looking out for a cat, be it in the jewellers or book shop.

“I grew up in the 1970s and 1980s and the I feel like Suzy brings that sense of community back to the town from that period.”

Catherine added that the town has gained a buzz from Suzy at a time where they have needed a boost.

She said: “Town centres are under threat and need love. I see this myself in Weymouth with its two characters; in the winter where shops are empty, and in the summer where the town is full of tourism and energy.”

To mark this buzz, Catherine, who exhibits her work under the Raggy Rat, was throwing around ideas in the Facebook group, Suzie’s Travels in Dorchester, for a concept with Christmas cards raising money for cat charities.

Catherine developed this into the idea for a year-round postcard to be sold in local shops that Suzy frequents, such as Oxfam Dorchester and the Potter's Cafe.

Dorset Echo:

Money made from the sales of the postcard will be donated to local cat charity, Feral Cat Care, based in Portesham.

Phil Gordon, project director of Dorchester BID has been supporting the project and assisted Catherine in adding a QR code on the back which, when scanned, will take the user to the Discover Dorchester app where they can find out more about the shops and attractions that Suzy has visited.

There will also be a QR code on the back to direct people to the Facebook group with almost 3,000 followers in support of Suzy.

Catherine’s love of cats is a personal one. She said: “I have a mischievous cat myself named Topsy. She’s 10 years old. She is like She once came back home after being away for four months.”

Speaking about her hopes on projects in the future, Catherine said: “I’m looking into writing a picture book, and I’m hoping to hunt her down and meet her in person soon.”

Jenny Graves, Suzy’s owner, said: “I am so pleased that Suzy’s postcard is being sold to raise money for charity. I think the artwork is amazing. Let’s hope it doesn’t all go to Suzy’s head.”