Fast, easy, and free to use, Motorway is the more money way to sell your car

Did you know that 84% of Motorway customers get more than the market price* when selling their vehicles online?

Fast, easy, and free, Motorway is the UK’s fastest-growing used car marketplace. By helping UK drivers get more money for their vehicles, Motorway helps you have more money to put towards things that matter.

Maybe that’s balancing finances, like Nigel; or upgrading to a safer, baby-safe car for Danielle’s growing family; or adopting a dog and travelling the country in a campervan, like Sheila and Brian

Motorway’s new campaign shares real customer stories from across the UK.

Like many of us, Nigel and his family were feeling the squeeze of the cost of living crisis. Realising they could downsize from two family cars to a more economical, shared hybrid, Nigel followed a friend’s suggestion and looked up his cars’ values on Motorway.

“Compared to what was left on our finance, we felt we actually couldn’t afford not to take the opportunity to sell,” Nigel says. “When we started looking at the prices we were able to get for the cars [on Motorway], we realised we could actually make enough money to clear a few bills, and go on holiday.”

Since the 5,000 car dealers in Motorway’s network have extensive experience of clearing car finance, Nigel was able to sell both vehicles in a flash and keep the surplus after the outstanding finance balances were paid off. With the proceeds, he, his wife, and children were able to take not one, but two dream holidays to Corfu, a location that’s special for their whole family.

Get an instant car valuation

Dorset Echo: Get an accurate valuation for your car with Motorway - for freeGet an accurate valuation for your car with Motorway - for free (Image: Motorway)

For Nigel and millions of people across the UK, their cars are their most valuable financial assets. But a shocking one-third of all drivers in the UK don’t know what their car is worth.

That’s where Motorway comes in. Simply enter your reg and mileage on Motorway’s homepage to get real-time pricing for what your vehicle could fetch on Motorway’s marketplace. Based on live and historical used car sales data, this valuation is tailored to your car’s exact make and model, providing a real-time look at what your vehicle is worth.

Knowing what your car is worth helps you decide when it’s best to sell and make the most of your money. Speaking from first-hand experience, Nigel shares that, “we were really pleased with the price, and it actually made us check what our other car was worth. Again, that [car] ended up being worth more than we thought, so we ended up selling a second car straight off the bat of the first one!”

Speed through car sales

Dorset Echo: Motorway’s free and easy car profiling app includes an AI photo assistant to help you get the best shots of your vehicleMotorway’s free and easy car profiling app includes an AI photo assistant to help you get the best shots of your vehicle (Image: Motorway)

When you’re ready to sell, all you need to do is profile your car and enter it into Motorway’s daily auction, where 5,000+ verified dealers nationwide will vie to offer you their best price.

Profiling your car on Motorway is quick and easy. Using Motorway’s free iPhone and Android app, confirm details about your car. “You have to be specific about dinks or chips, any damage to the car, because that might affect the value,” Nigel shares. For visuals, Motorway offers a, in Nigel’s words, a “brilliant” AI photo assistant to help get the best shots of your car. 

On Motorway, there’s no need to write out a lengthy description, like you would on a classifieds site or social media marketplace. Just complete your vehicle’s profile and enter it into the online daily sale, and you’re in the fast lane to selling straight from your phone.

Enjoy free collection and fast payment

Once your car is in Motorway’s daily online sale, dealers across the country have the opportunity to compete for your car. You don’t have to field offers, negotiate, or run any back-and-forth conversations with buyers – it’s all taken care of for you on Motorway’s smart platform.

Dorset Echo: Motorway’s services include free collection from wherever you live or work in the UK – no matter where your buyer is basedMotorway’s services include free collection from wherever you live or work in the UK – no matter where your buyer is based (Image: Motorway)

Motorway’s online daily sale concludes in the afternoon, so you can relax until you’re emailed the best price received for your car. Click the link in your email to book your free collection from home, work, or another convenient address, and you’re almost done with selling your car.

No matter where in the UK you and your buyer are based, you’ll get free collection at a time that suits you best. Your buyer will turn up at the agreed-upon time, inspect your vehicle and make a payment directly to your bank account.

“Selling our car on Motorway was simple and straightforward. It was really user-friendly, and we got a great price too,” Nigel says. “It allowed us to have a lovely family holiday, and the price was so good we actually sold our second car too!”

To get more money with Motorway, get started today with a free, instant valuation.