A Dorset-based pub snack business has seen a massive increase in sales and predicts a £1.5m turnover in 2024.

Robert's Dorset has been blown away by its success in recent years with a turnover of £750,000 in 2023. 

The company has also predicted a £1.5m turnover in 2024. 

Founder Robert Parkin said: “The growth we have seen over the last 12 months has given us the confidence to invest in our team, open new, larger premises and introduce high-quality machinery to improve the efficiency of our production.

"This investment is key as we move forward, helping to meet the surging demand and ensuring more customers can enjoy our much-loved products.” 

Starting from humble beginnings, Robert set up the family business in 2011. 

Driven by personal health issues, Robert spent months experimenting with ingredients and flavours to make the best product.

He said: “When my health deteriorated, I knew I wanted to build a business that would become a legacy for my kids but I could never have imagined the business to have grown to what it is today.

The feedback we receive from customers - that they love our products and want to buy them again - has been instrumental in driving the growth of our business and we couldn’t be prouder.”

Robert's family would take products to local markets in Dorset when the firm was in its infancy and operating from a 'modest kitchen'.

However, it is now selling in Co-Op stores in Dorset, Hall and Woodhouse pubs nationwide, and independent watering holes across the UK 

Available all across the mainland UK, Robert's Dorset has won a Great Taste Award for its Sweet Chilli Nuts and Classic Sea Salt Crackling.

Entering a new era, the company has delivery partnerships with the APC Network and Chase Freight.

He said: "With Chase Freight and The APC network, I can trust them to represent our business and provide a reliable service. A courier turns up and takes the parcel, and that's it. It will get there the next day, in perfect condition.”