The old council building on Weymouth's harbourside is almost gone. 

Work on demolishing the former council offices at North Quay is almost complete as new pictures from the Echo show just a fraction of the building remains standing. 

Weymouth's skyline will forever be changed as just over a couple months of work draw to a close. 

Following an archaeological dig that unearthed an old pub damaged by bombs during World War Two, along with medieval pottery and a cannonball from the Civil War era, contractor's set to work stripping the interior of the building in early December. 

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Dorset Echo: A 50ft excavator is tearing down the building at North Quay A 50ft excavator is tearing down the building at North Quay (Image: Andy Jones)

The week before Christmas saw the main demolition commence as a 50ft extractor was brought in which preceded to bring the building down bit by bit starting from the back corner near Town Bridge. 

A temporary car park will be built on the site using recycled material form the demolition before a decision is made on what will replace the former council offices.

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Controversy had surrounded the demolition, as some people had thought it best to refurbish the building, but it was decided it would be knocked down and redeveloped. 

The site has been earmarked for a share of a £19.5 million grant Dorset Council received from the government's Levelling up Fund. 

Dorset Council recently provided an update on the progress of the demolition and hoped that by February 2, the main 'super structure' will have been knocked down.