See French language and subtitled film Monsieur Lazhar with the Dorchester-Bayeux Society.

It is showing at Dorchester Corn Exchange on Tuesday, March 5.

In Montreal, Martine Lachance, an elementary school teacher, kills herself by hanging herself in her classroom.

Bachir Lazhar, an Algerian immigrant, is quickly hired as a temporary worker to replace her while he himself is swimming in the midst of a personal tragedy.

Indeed, his wife, who was a teacher, perished in Algiers with her daughter and son in an arson attack, caused by the people implicated in his latest book dealing with the social and economic shortcomings of present-day Algeria, hence Mr. Lazhar's eloquent sentence: "Nothing is ever really normal in Algeria".

He gets to know the endearing students, despite the cultural gap that appears from the first lesson. As the class engages in group therapy with a psychologist and Mr. Lazhar, between nostalgia for the missing teacher and guilt, no one at the school is aware of Bashir's painful past, who can be expelled from the country at any time as he seeks political refugee status

Entry is £6 and membership is not required. Doors and bar open at 6.30pm and the film begins at 7pm.