RESIDENTS have vowed to fight plans for a new mobile phone mast on Allington Hill in Bridport.

They fear that the 10-metre pole from Vodafone would spoil the beauty spot for families, dog-walkers and ramblers.

Vodafone has lodged a pre-planning notice with West Dorset District Council stating its intent to erect the mast.

Kellie Poole, 33, who lives in Thomson Close with partner Matthew and two children, said: "Residents are not happy about it.

"We would be surprised if it was allowed. It is a beauty spot and is bordering Woodland Trust land. It would be a complete blot on the landscape."

She added that she was aiming to set up a petition against the mast.

Under the Vodafone pre-planning notice, residents, the parish council and interested parties are being consulted before a formal planning application is submitted with the district council.

The mast will be disguised as a timber pole with the antenna within.

Vodafone spokesman Dr Rob Matthews said: "We've chosen this site as we bel-ieve it will not be visually in-trusive and the mast will be in a timber telegraph pole.

"We are carrying out pre-application consultation and won't submit an application until that is complete."