People have been warned to 'stay away from the base of cliffs' following a huge rockfall in West Bay.

A local photographer captured the moment that a large amount of people walked extremely close to the site where tonnes of rock came crashing down just last week.

A spokesperson for the Jurassic Coast Trust said: "Please keep safe by staying clear of the base of the cliffs when on the beach and stay away from the edges of the cliffs when walking along the footpaths at the top, do not go near to the edges."

The huge rockfall was discovered on East Beach on the morning of Monday, January 29 and just days after plenty of people and dogs were spotted taking a leisurely stroll by the cliff base.

Dorset Council revealed that the incident was actually three rockfalls, adding: "Rockfalls and landslips can happen at any time. If you are out on the coast, please stay safe by taking notice of warning signs and keep to existing paths. Stay away from the edge and the base of cliffs."

A spokesperson for the National Coastwatch Institution (NCI) believes that a 'large fall or two was inevitable.'

They suggest that 'it comes as a stark reminder to be wary of the dangers of the cliffs whether you be below or indeed above.'

People should stay back from cliff edges, no matter how safe they may appear.

The last substantial rockfall at West Bay took place in the same location just one month prior in December.