ONE man is this picture is not happy to be there - and is accusing the Liberal Democrats of ‘hijack’.

Conservative Gerald Duke (back left) says he was ‘shocked and upset’ to find himself featured in the Lib Dem Focus campaign leaflet.

He claims they did not ask his permission and he says that the images on the poster, are also being used without consent.

At the weekend Dorchester councillor Andy Canning, who co-ordinates the party's activities, said he did not wish to comment on Mr Duke's claims.

Said Mr Duke, a solicitor: “I was a founding member of STAND (Save the Area North of Dorchester) and worked relentlessly as a committee member and treasurer until recently. So it was that I was invited to what I took to be a STAND photocall, only to find the Liberal parliamentary candidate, Mr Morello, and former Liberal MP Mr Vince Cable grandstanding with other party members in front of the STAND window display in Dorchester and using the banner I had provided with the pictures of the site I had also taken.

“The Focus claims that Mr Morello and Mr Cable are backing the campaign. This is most heartening but disingenuous for two people who have never lifted a finger in support for them to make such a claim. I have no idea who the other hangers on beside Mr Cable might be. Those to the left of the picture with me are loyal, hard-working members of STAND. It amounts to little than the Liberals, as ever, claiming achievements they have had no part in and hijacking STAND for their own political advantage. On reflection, I suppose I should not be surprised.”

Dorset Council, town and parish councils and the position of Police and Crime Commissioner are all open to election in May.

Pic – The Lib Dem Focus leaflet featuring Mr Duke - third from left at the back