A Weymouth mum who was told she had ‘two years to live’ after being diagnosed with cancer has said she's loving life after beating the odds.

Nikki Bryant, 39, from Weymouth was diagnosed with brain cancer seven years ago and after treatments, including surgery, her prognosis has improved and she is being positive about the future.

Nikki, who works at Vets for Pets, described her cancer as 'not curable,' explaining that she still has a 'big black hole.' She must attend six-monthly appointments with specialists.

She recounted the day of her diagnosis saying: “When I was first diagnosed seven years ago, they gave me two years to live. That journey from the hospital in Dorchester back to Weymouth was the first journey I had to do in floods of tears and in complete silence after being diagnosed at the hospital.”

She is now encouraging people to get involved with a charity walk that she is organising in an effort to give back to the Brain Tumour Charity which has helped her throughout her cancer journey.

The poignant walk will follow the route she took on the day of the diagnosis, starting at the Robert White Centre outside of Dorset County Hospital (DCH) in Dorchester, and ending at the Dorset Burger Company in King Street, Weymouth for an evening of celebrations.

Her whole family and plenty of friends are planning to take part in the walk - on Sunday, March 24 - including her husband James, 10-year-old son Harry and her sister Emma, who works at the Dorset Burger Company.

She said: “It just means a lot to me, not to celebrate how far I have got when they only gave me two years, but to celebrate and try and raise awareness for a really amazing charity."

Nikki added: “You’ve just got to love your life haven’t you – you never know what’s going to happen.”

After the walk everyone is invited to the Dorset Burger Company (DBC) for food, drinks, a bit of mingling and a big raffle.

Ross Kay, who co-owns the DBC, said: “We will give any profit from the evening to charity from anybody that comes along and has burgers and drinks, except for covering our own costs.

“We are all very happy to be involved. When there’s a personal connection, we are more than happy to help

“Being in the restaurant trade should be about having fun and making people happy and that’s why we are in it.”

Ross and his family will also be taking part in the walk to support Nikki.

He added: “We will probably sneak on our trainers and run the last bit because we all like running and that way we can be here to get prepped and ready.”

Nikki explained that everyone is welcome to take part in the event and the aim is to raise as much money and awareness as possible.

She said: “Even if people can’t walk from Dorchester to here – they are more than welcome to come to the DBC - they can meet us along any part of the walk.”

A couple of years ago Nikki also did a charity skydive.

If you would like to get involved in the walk, contact Nikki on 07746 498205 and to donate to the fundraiser, visit: https://www.justgiving.com/page/nikki-bryant-1705080330782?utm_medium=qrcode&utm_source=offline.