A video has captured a recent landslip at a beauty spot along the Jurassic Coast.

The Lulworth Rangers captured the moment a small landslip occurred at Lulworth Cove yesterday (Saturday, February 10), showing the ‘instability’ of the cliffs.

The team revealed that they had been seeing slips like this ‘all morning.’

The countryside ranger team work on the Lulworth Estate and are involved in environmental land management and education.

They have suggested that the landslips are down to the weather and ‘severe changes in environmental conditions.’

Dorset Echo: Screenshot from the Lulworth Cove landslip videoScreenshot from the Lulworth Cove landslip video (Image: Lulworth Rangers)

A spokesperson for the Lulworth Rangers said: “February is often a month with severe changes in environmental conditions, making the cliffs more prone to landslips as frozen material may thaw quickly, and heavy rainfall undermines stability too.

“The cliffs at Lulworth Cove are showing signs of instability. Small slips like this have been happening all morning. Take care at the base and top of cliffs and check tides to ensure you don't inadvertently put yourself in harm’s way.

“With the half term now upon us, we would ask families to be even more vigilant around the cliffs as they spend a day at the coast.”

In the video, a large amount of rock can be seen crumbling down the cliff in a matter of seconds.

Experts have warned that cliffs are ‘fragile’ and are urging people to stay away from cliff edges.

Sam Scriven, a geologist at the Jurassic Coast Trust said: “Any time there is a new rock fall, it may leave the Cliff faces either side of that collapse more fragile and more vulnerable to further falls.

“We would always advise people to only ever if they're going to explore the code, do so at very low tide and keep well away from the cliff face - And of course, stay away from the Cliff edge if you're on the coast path.”

Further along the coast, in West Bay - East Cliff which is best known for featuring in popular drama series Broadchurch has just seen three huge rockfalls.

Tonnes of rock fell from the cliffs overnight, blocking access along the beach.