The annual pancake day race on Portland is not being held this year.

The event, held by Portland Parish, has been a staple of Shrove Tuesday celebrations on the isle for nearly 30 years.

This year however organisers have decided to shelve the pancake ingredients, hang up the pans, and put it off until next year.

This is because pancake day has fallen in half-term, which means that the event cannot rely on the usual attendance garnered from the local schools and nurseries.

Churchwarden Antoinette Richards usually oversees the event.

She said: "It has fallen in half term so the schools won't be around and there was less of us around.

"We thought it was less likely to have a good turnout like last year. We hope to get it up again next year."

After a three-year hiatus because of the pandemic, the event - which used to take place on the rectory lawn at All Saints Church - made its return at Easton Gardens in 2023.

The event was warmly welcomed by schools and residents alike in 2023 who missed the traditional fun event during the pandemic.