Rainfall is causing the river levels to rise on the Lower Frome with a flood alert remaining in place today.

Flooding has been forecast to affect locations near the river, with low lying land expected to be most affected, particularly around the tributaries between Dorchester and Wareham.

However, there is not expected to be risk of flooding to properties, according to the Environment Agency

A spokesperson for the Environment Agency said: "We are monitoring rainfall and river levels and are checking rivers for blockages in the area.

"Avoid using low lying footpaths and any bridges near local watercourses and do not attempt to walk or drive through flood water.

"We will continue to monitor the forecast and re-issue this alert if necessary.

"People in the areas should consider taking action now. We urge all people to take care and not drive through flood water.

An update will be provided at 5.45pm on Wednesday, February 14.