WEYMOUTH Beach has been named the best in the country.

It was rated the best in the UK on a list of the top 25 beaches in Europe and 19th overall by travel website TripAdvisor.

Bournemouth Beach was rated 20th on TripAdvisor's Travellers' Choice Awards 2024 of the top beaches across the continent.

The two Dorset beaches were the only two beaches in the UK to be named in the top 25.

Weymouth Beach was given a rating of 4.5 out of 5 after assessing 6,000 reviews.

4,285 people left excellent reviews, whilst 1,410 people rated the beach as "very good".

Ranking Weymouth beach, the review website said: "Weymouth Beach is a family-friendly beach with golden sand, gentle waves, and beautiful scenery.

"It's easy to get to and even has colourful changing huts. Try some water sports (it's a great place for kids to swim) or go crabbing during the day, then check out the promenade or stop for a bite at a nearby café or restaurant."

In 2023, Weymouth was rated the 14th best beach in Europe and has fallen five places, however, it has now become the highest-rated beach in the UK despite the fall.

Meanwhile, Bournemouth Beach climbed four places from last year to reach No. 20. 

Cllr David Harris, Leader of Weymouth Town Council, said: "It is excellent news.

"One would expect it would be among the best because it is such a good beach."

Cllr Harris listed three elements which he believed made Weymouth such a popular beach for visitors.

He added: "We have a huge sandy area with calm water that makes it a perfect and safe environment for young children. It doesn't get deep very quickly, so it is super for little ones to have a paddle in.

"The beach is also part of a three-mile stretch with the ability to walk along the flat esplanade to Overcombe, which attracts people and especially older people who may want a nice walk.

"Thirdly, the setting of the beach is beautiful, you have White Nothe, Nothe, the harbour estuary, which makes it such an attractive place.

"There is something for all ages."

Praia da Falésia in Algarve, Portugal was named the best beach in Europe and the best beach in the world.

In a separate award, Sandbanks Beach in Dorset was named the most sustainable beach