Following heavy rain boulders have fallen from a cliff onto a path at Durdle Door.

The boulders fell onto the path to Durdle Door Beach. Access to the beach is still possible, but 'extreme caution is advised', particularly as some of the steps are damaged by the fallen boulders.

This follows a dramatic landslip on Lulworth Cove caught on camera on February 11. With beachgoers looking on in shock as rocks tumbled down the cliff.

Dorset Echo: Boulders fall onto coast path at Durdle Door

Dorset Echo: Boulders fall onto coast path at Durdle Door

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A spokesperson for Lulworth Rangers said: "With another downpour of heavy rain over the last few days, we've seen even more subsidence here at Lulworth.

"The path leading down to Durdle Door Beach has had some large boulders fall from the cliffs above, ending up directly on the path in some cases. While access to the beach is currently still possible, we would advise our visitors to exercise extreme caution when visiting, as some damage to the steps has occurred.

"Please also be aware the surrounding landscape remains unstable while the wet and windy weather continues."

Dorset Echo: All pictures by Lulworth RangersAll pictures by Lulworth Rangers (Image: Lulworth Rangers)