Landslips are occurring almost daily at a west Dorset beach following heavy downpours.

After a large amount of rainfall hit Charmouth in recent weeks, the cliffs appear to be crumbling more frequently.

Ali Ferris, Earth Marine and Environment Manager at Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre said: “We have had some awful weather, and it comes down every day. After all the excessive rain that we have had recently, it’s coming down quite a lot at the moment.

“We did actually have a bigger one a few weeks ago.”

Ms Ferris described the cliffs as 'very soft' and noted that people should remain ‘very vigilant’ when walking in the area and ‘always stay away from the cliffs.’

She added: “There are warning signs to stay away from the cliffs that have been there for years.”

As a result of the cliff falls, it also appears that many more people are becoming stuck in the mud at the base of the cliffs.

Ms Ferris said: “The coastguard attended quite a few calls over the half term where people had got stuck in the mud.”

Phil Davidson, a palaeontologist at Charmouth Heritage Centre, said: “It happens quite often – the coastguard come out and have to rescue people most of the time.

“The wet weather can make the cliffs more unstable and prone to mud slides and landslides and the mood can be very sticky and gooey like quicksand.

“The sea will wash up lots of rocks and stones which can disguise the extremity of the mud slides and people will sink right down.”