CONCERNS have been raised after several planning applications were submitted as part of a garden nursery business expansion bid.

As previously reported, Island Nurseries in Upwey had asked to add three bridges across streams, add access tracks and create a 40-space car parking area.

It applied for the changes under what is known as the ‘permitted development’ route, but Dorset Council decided if the changes are wanted the business will have to go through the full planning process, which is more detailed and open to public and councillor scrutiny.

There are separate applications underway for three new glasshouses on adjoining land which will be considered independently of the application for the bridges, tracks and car park.

In total, six separate applications have been submitted including plans for landscaping, erecting a greenhouse, erecting a bridge and creating access over a river and a car park

The plans are listed as being for agricultural or forestry use.

Members of the Planning and Licensing committee at Weymouth Town Council, which are able to make a comment on the proposals, were left puzzled by the numerous planning applications submitted.

Cllr David Northam said: "I would like to object on the basis that it is difficult to see what is intended given there are multiple applications on the same topic."

Concern was also raised about a risk of flooding, which had been raised by the Environment Agency.

Cllr Matt Bell said: "There is a letter of objection from the Environment Agency on the car park application.

"It says that it is recommended that planning is refused, there is potential to overcome the objection by submitting a revised Flood Risk Assessment (FRA).

"They are not satisfied with the current FRA.

"We know flooding is an issue in the village."

Concern was also raised that two of the plans for a bridge and access over the river were listed as "for agricultural/forestry use".

Cllr Luke Wakeling said: "I believe this isn't for agricultural use, I believe these are for patrons to drive to that car park on a new access road.

The committee agreed to add a comment to the plans for consideration by Dorset Council, which will decide whether the application is approved.

The committee decided to object to the plans with a comment that there is an "overarching concern over flood risk and that a combination of all the applications is overdevelopment by obscurity".