THE £7.2 MILLION-budget movie Emma Of Lulworth Cove could begin filming on the south coast this November.

Producer Ray Stokes said he had secured commitment from an impressive cast and was in talks with the Lulworth Estate about location fees.

He claimed that stars of the film could include Roger Daltrey of the rock band The Who, Harry Potter's Tom Felton, who played baddy Draco Malfoy, and Oscar-winning character actor Martin Landau of The X-Files.

Mr Stokes said Superhero Movie actress Sara Paxton is being lined up for the title role of the mystical romance, which was originally considered for Buffy The Vampire Slayer star Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Mr Stokes also aims to have director Paul Lynch, who has worked on the series of Xena: Warrior Princess among others, on board.

Mr Stokes, who wrote the story Emma Of Lulworth Cove about six years ago, said it was the realisation of a lifelong dream.

The plot, set in Lulworth, tells the story of a woman who haunts the cove after being killed by treacherous seas, but then falls in love with a young man.

He leaves her after discovering she is a ghost and the love story turns to horror when he returns years later, with a wife and family, to work as a coastguard.

Mr Stokes said: "The film has a budget of £7.2 million and is scheduled to be shot in November. We've got quite a job on to get everything ready for then. The worst-case scenario would see filming begin next March.

"The music will be done by Bournemouth University.

"We're glad to now have interest from the Lulworth Estate after months of sending emails.

"At one point we considered filming entirely on location in Romania, which we don't want to do as we want it to be a British film."

Assistant property manager for the Lulworth Estate, Mike Canby, said he was in talks with Mr Stokes about terms and conditions of filming.

He said: "I've literally only just found out about it. Mr Stokes had emailed a colleague but I've only just been told about it."

He added: "Costs of filming on location here vary enormously. A big budget film might be charged £2,500 a day but it depends.

"Quite often we forgo fees to get coverage for something that would be an excellent advert of the cove and estate, but we'll have to see.

"I think we would expect some payment."

Mr Stokes and his company Newcomen Productions are still looking for a British investor.