An anonymous yarn bombing group have targeted a Wyke post box once again just in time for spring to ‘cheer up the neighbourhood and make people smile.’

The mystery crochet and knitting duo have created a fun-filled post box topper with a variety creatures sat on top, including a turtle, dinosaur, crocodile, snake and penguin which can be seen along Portland Road, near to Broadmeadow Road.

Dorset Echo: Portland Road Easter post box topperPortland Road Easter post box topper (Image: Hollie Carr)

One member of the anonymous yarn bombing duo used to work as a primary school teacher which is where the inspiration for a lot of their creations comes from.

She said: “It used to be my job to have creative ideas and think of things to engage young children.”

Some of the pieces have been knitted and others crocheted due to each members skills.

The anonymous member added: “We both have different skills, and this time we have ceramic eggs which I made. I dabble in clay, and we thought it was the best way to make the eggs.

“The glaze worked quite well, but the holes I made to sew them onto the topper got clogged up with glaze so that was a bit of a problem.”

Dorset Echo: Portland Road Easter post box topperPortland Road Easter post box topper (Image: Hollie Carr)

However, they didn’t let this minor obstacle stop them from creating a beautiful finished product.

Overall, the creation took the pair about six weeks to make, including ‘a couple of days to stitch everything on securely and also make sure that the eggs were ‘secure so they wouldn’t break.’

The mystery member said: “We wanted to have a spring theme but not Easter eggs, so I thought animals from eggs would be a nice idea and we then chose the animals that we thought would be the most fun.

“We enjoy making them - it cheers up the neighbourhood and makes people smile. Since we have started doing them a number of others have popped up locally which is lovely to see, there are so many creative people.

“There’s always lots of lovely feedback from local people on social media. There is also a Facebook group for UK post box toppers which I belong to - it’s lovely to see all the different ideas and people are always happy to see what we have made.”

Another popular yarn-bombing target is the post box along Rylands Lane in Wyke Regis which often features some beautiful creations.